What to Expect

Prompt Professional Preparation

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On the day of the wedding, your DJ(s) will arrive at the location at least two hours in advance to set up equipment, check acoustic levels, change into formal attire, and make any other arrangements with the hall coordinators before the ceremony and/or reception takes place. The DJ(s) will make sure that their set up does not distract with anything – from the bridal entrance to the buffet tables.

Great Entertainment for All Ages!

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With a multitude of personal tastes and genres, it can be a bit difficult to keep an older and a younger generation happy at the same time on a wedding dance floor. We are here to bridge that gap. We offer plenty of wholesome yet entertaining music choices that will keep all groups dancing at any kind of wedding reception! We do encourage guests to make special requests throughout the night to give us an idea of what they would really like to hear and dance to. After all, they are there to have a fun time and celebrate your big day with style!

Guaranteed Experienced Entertainers


Veteran MC Joe Yadesky and his son, DJ Bill Yadesky, always aim to provide quality entertainment and terrific music that exceeds your expectations! We are a small, family-owned business with nearly two decades of experience, and we value the relationships that we build with our customers. We recognize what an honor it is to be a part of your wedding day and we are here to help make it everything you’ve always imagined.

We’ve had the privilege of providing the soundtrack to many amazing couples’ special moments over the years, and we will continue to do so with precision and dedication! Feel free to read our Testimonial Page to see how pleased we’ve made our past clients’ with our performances!

Entertainment At Its Finest