Reception Milestones

Bridal Party Introductions & Grand Entrance

20090731 - Tancraitor Wedding 064

To get the reception underway, your Master of Ceremonies will introduce members of the Bridal Party followed by the Grand Entrance of the Bride and Groom. Throughout the main introductions, the music you selected will be played to mark the Grand Entrance with flair and style!

20100625 - Dougherty Wedding 014

Toasts & Dinner Blessing


We then hand over the mic when its time for your Maid/Matron of honor and Best Man to make their Toasts to the happy couple. Any additional greetings and speeches are welcome. Lastly, the Wedding Celebrant or a family member is invited to offer a Blessing before dinner. Your DJ will play some light, easy-listening music for the duration of the meal.

Cake Cutting

20120804 - Wedding 22

Next to the first dance, cutting the cake is one of the most memorable moments of your wedding night! We would love to know what style of cake cutting you plan on doing, whether it be neat, fun, silly, or messy! An appropriate musical selection that goes along with your chosen style would provide the perfect audible atmosphere as well!

Bouquet & Garter Events


Later in the night, your MC is happy to host the always-entertaining Bouquet and/or Garter events, if you choose to take part in it.

The typical 4-part event begins with the Bouquet Toss where all the single ladies (normally 16 years or older) head to the dance floor to try to catch the bouquet.

Next the Groom removes the Garter from his Bride’s leg. The Garter Toss then follows during which single gentlemen (typically age 16 and above) come out and attempt to capture the token of the garter.

Finally, during the Garter Replacement, the gentleman who caught the Garter places it on the leg of the lady who caught the bouquet. Your guests are sure to enjoy these always entertaining events!

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