Memorable Dances

First Dance

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By far, one of the most memorable moments of any wedding night is the bride and groom’s first dance as husband and wife.  At this point the floor is yours, dancing to your special song. For some couples, the First Dance is slow and sentimental. For others, its energetic and choreographed. The choice always yours and varies from couple to couple. Please consult your MC/DJ prior to your wedding day to make any special First Dance arrangements.

Bridal Party Dance

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On many occasions following the First Dance, the Bride and Groom welcome their bridesmaids and groomsmen to join them all together on the dance floor for the Bridal Party Dance. This can be another significant slow song where the couples pair off to dance, or it can be a special group dance where everyone joins in for a fun fast dance. Once again, it is always the decision of the recently married couple to go with this optional dance.

Family Member Dances

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Additionally following the First Dance, the Bride and Groom might wish to have special dances with one or two members of their  immediate families. Typical variations include but aren’t limited to:

– Bride & Father (optionally joined halfway through dance by all fathers with their daughters)

– Groom & Mother (optionally joined halfway through dance by all mothers with their sons)

– Bride & Mother (Though this dance may be reserved for later. See topic heading “Money Dance”)

– Bride and/or Groom with Grandparent(s) (Danced separately or at same time)

These dances can happen in any order and in any combination that you decide.


Longest Married Couple Dance


Another opportunity for crowd interaction is the Longest Married Couple Dance, an event during which all married couples are asked onto the dance floor. We will play one or two slow songs of your choosing, and the MC will gradually narrow down the number of couples based on years married. The last couple on the dance floor will be personally congratulated by the MC on their many years of marriage. They will also be awarded a bottle of wine or champagne (courtesy of Firebyte Audio) and a kiss from the Bride!

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Bridal Dance

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The Bridal Dance (also known as “Money Dance,” “Dollar Dance,” and “Honeymoon Dance” among others) is a chance for the bride and groom to actually see, speak to, and dance with their guests individually. This event traces back to the style of traditional weddings, particularly those of an ethnic background. The dance traces its roots from Eastern European countries, and has grown in popularity thanks to immigrants celebrating their own wedding in the US.

During the dance, friends and relatives gather to dance with the bride (and the groom if also preferred). Prior to dancing, guests are welcomed to place money or a gift in a basket and in turn receive either a shot of select spirits or a token of thanks from the newlyweds. As guests finish dancing, they can form a circle around the bride and groom and — in some cases, mostly ethnic in nature — wave handkerchiefs or small towels to celebrate the occasion!

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