Ceremony Service

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The main focal point of your wedding day is obviously the ceremony itself, and we fully understand that this moment needs to be truly memorable. Because of this, our company can easily provide sound reinforcement for the nuptial service.


We arrive at your ceremony location (if not at the same location of the reception) and set up speakers that can be used for an indoor or outdoor wedding. Instrumentalists (i.e. violinist, pianist, guitar player) are able to be amplified through use of our system. Pre-recorded music of your choice can also be played prior to and throughout the service at specified moments such as the entrance, candle lighting, etc.

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Your celebrant will be provided the best quality microphone in order to speak clearly and preside over the ceremony at a proper volume. Readings from guests or lectors are offered to use a microphone. The bride and groom can also be mic’d as well during their wedding vows.

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Future newlyweds are always welcome to consider this special provision at their ceremony so that this important moment in their lives is audibly documented for their guests and themselves!

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