Karaoke Jockey Service

Ever want to be a star? Firebyte Audio can take you one step closer with ShockVox Karaoke; our department dedicated to making you shine like the celebrities!

Our KJs, or Karaoke jockeys, provide quality systems used to show off those aspiring vocalists who attend your event.  Your guests are invited center stage to perform some of their favorites in music history. We provide selections from almost every era in virtually every genre. Those who are brave enough to come and sing onstage are supplied with state-of-the-art sound reinforcement, which includes a corded or wireless microphone, monitor speakers, and vocal effects processing. Along with audio provisions, there is a video monitor in case you forgot the lyrics!

In addition to the performers’ video monitor, our KJs also have the ability to tap into an easily-accessible video line if your event location has TVs available onsite. This way anyone can sing along wherever they may be! Try out ShockVox Karaoke for yourself and prepare to have a great time at your next event!


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